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  • Blue Lasers

    Blue Laser pointer with 405 nanometers wavelength of light. Although it is rarely prefered to the green and red ones, it could be used for what others do, which also reflects the individual unique aesthetic taste. It is probably not as much preferred lasers as an astronomy laser pointer, because brighter colors would make an object more visible in the sky. However it comes down to all other uses such as pinpointing something on the large screen or on the blackboard. Although high powered lasers are becoming more popular, very few people are aware of their applications. Blue lasers are best tool in astronomy as they can be used to better focus miles into the night sky. It is now easier to point stars and other celestial bodies in space with the help of this technology. It should be high power, high quality components and have out standing beam specifications. The blue lasers that you browse meet all of your expectations as well as those of the law and safety concerns.

  • Green Lasers

    Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular laser pointer, because the green light than red light 6 times more than red light beam significantly, while the price is much cheaper than the blue and yellow. Green pen is the wavelength of light emitted 500-550nm, the wavelength sensitivity of the coefficient table, as is the closest one wavelength. Green is undoubtedly efficient light source, the eye more easily identified. The green light sensitivity of the human eye is higher than a lot of red; the other is green light scattering in the atmosphere more than red light. The uses of green high power laser pointer have become quite acceptable in astronomy not just in pointing objects but also in the processes necessary to adjust telescopes and for astrophotography. It is no wonder that the reason why 10000mw green lasers are commonly used in astronomy is because of its visibility. The powerful of the 10000mw lasers that application will have outstanding effects in some fields.

  • Red Lasers

    Red laser pointer was released in the early 1980s. The first red lasers Nowadays, the more durable transmitted red light air, dust, water vapor, so the light path can be seen to need more power. 100mW red light probably only about 20 milliwatts green light. But do remember that red lasers are powerful since the light they emit is powerful when it hits a certain object and converges into a point. High powered red lasers can also be mounted on telescopes to help direct other people with telescopes and binoculars to an object. The lasers revolution is quickly engulfing the globe as more and more of us get our paws on these bright red light pointers. It's in particular have evolved to become the example of this huge success. If you haven't seen or are not a part of this yet, you are being left in the technological stone age. It will easily be visible at night in the worst of conditions with the higher powered models even being visible during the day.

  • Burning Lasers

    Burning laser pointer are becoming more and more popular, from the original blue, to the green and red. There are 146 more on our website at present. With lasers now able to reach speeds of up to 5,000mW or 5 watts that can be used for a variety of tasks. It can be used for cutting, welding, and drilling. It can also be used for engraving and marking. This beam of light can be used to burn through many materials, including tires. it is critical to understand where the burning limit is and to keep it at a minimum of 100mW as a general rule. The shape has expanded from one to a variety of shapes, and the flashlight shape is the most. Recently, we have developed a number of Gatlin shapes, which feature good feels and textures.

  • High Power Lasers

    High power laser pointer have been favored in laser pointers market and are increasingly popular among enthusiasts. Most of powerful laser pointers have the function of burning, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety during use. It is necessary to wear protective glasses, which can prevent the eyes from being affected by strong high powered lasers, causing discomfort and injury. We develop more and more high power lasers for you.

  • Place to Note

    Now, more and more laser pointer and flashlights sold in the market are class IIIB with a power over 5mW. But when the light directly penetrates into the eyes, there may be some damage. Especially to some high power, diffuse light probably damage the eyes, the focus are more likely to ignite flammable materials. The eye is of prime interest for two reasons: Firstly, the eye is the only organ of the body that allows optical radiations, from 400 to 1400 nm, to penetrate deep within it. Secondly, the refractive properties of the cornea and lens result in an increase in irradiance (W/cm2). If sufficient energy falls upon the retina to produce irreversible damage then such damage may occur as a result of one of three primary damage mechanisms. Therefore laser pointers are not a toy, not suitable for kids. When operating powerful light pointer, wear special secure glasses would be safe, especially for the invisible lights.

300mW 620 Click Style Open-back Blue Laser Pointer with Clip / Battery Black

Date Added: 07/18/2018 by Z***G

To be honest,this violet laser pointer is not as bright as the green one that I bought from you one year ago.But it still works fine,no any problems up to now.

  • Date Added: 06/21/2018 by T***n

    At first I was skeptical about quality of this laser pointer,but it turned out to be a good deal.Brightness is better than I thought.So far so good.I will give further feedback in a few weeks.

  • Date Added: 04/25/2014 by J***r

    I chose this to be my violet laser because all the other designs, and across several sites, were not very attractive shell designs(boring). I wanted a 300mw, because I wanted it to be the same brightness as my 50mw green laser (green light appears 6x brighter than violet to the human eye), and I did not want to spend $300usd 300-500mw to get the cool shell. This laser has a much less quality beam, because the "dot" is quite large right next to the laser, which is about 1/2cm by 3/4cm dot, so it is not circular either. The main point about the beam, is it is not close to a parallel beam, this means that the beam gets much wider with distance. I didn't get a focus-able laser because I knew I'd never get it back to near parallel, but this is much less parallel than I could manually set, I am unsure if I can change the lens setting, seems to be glued. I might attempt to put an external lens on it to set it straight. This thing is a burning laser, but only when focused. I cannot burn a black plastic trash bag on the normal large beam in any stretch of time, the beam is just too big. After focused with a lens, it instantly makes a clean hole in the bag, so I can afford to go a bit faster. This also makes instant engravings in hard plastics or wood when focused (instant as in not having to wait on it to burn a hole, by the way). Looking at the reflected beam dot when the dot is focused will hurt if not using eye protection, but should not hurt your eye to look at the beam dot when unfocused (remember, eye is less sensitive to violet). The reason I wanted this to be as bright as my 50mw green laser is because I wanted nighttime visible beam!! So cool! This will sting bare skin unfocused in a time period of 2-25 seconds (depending on skin tone). My 50mw green laser cannot burn anything when focused and I cannot feel the any warmth from an unfocused, although small, beam (let alone sting). Other thoughts: Battery lasts a long time. This is smaller than I expected, which is a good thing, and looks MUCH cooler in person. This does not come with kaleidoscope/dispersion caps, but it has threads to put them on, its just Very hard to screw it on since the attacked head (the ring of plastic around the front/exit-hole of the laser) makes it hard to fit my fingers in there to screw it on. Summery: get this as a minimum milliwatt for a clear[defined] visible beam when dark, and low enough brightness so you can look at the reflected dot with naked eye (annoying having to wear glasses every time one turns it on, I use the glasses when I am doing something of greater risk of a reflection, I am taking a personal risk by doing this, I treat it like a BB gun (as in gun safety), because it will not do damage unless it hits the eye but will then cause MAJOR damage, like a BB gun. I recommend this product. Pros: Power and cool for cheap ($40 over $300-$500), dispersion/kaleidoscopic threads, small size, burning, visible mid-air beam in dark, Cons: hard to attach kaleidoscopic caps, sacrifice on beam quality less quality clip(like a pen has a clip for a pocket) unfocusable (can use external lens though)

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