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  • Blue Lasers

    Blue Laser pointer with 405 nanometers wavelength of light. Although it is rarely prefered to the green and red ones, it could be used for what others do, which also reflects the individual unique aesthetic taste. It is probably not as much preferred lasers as an astronomy lasers, because brighter colors would make an object more visible in the sky. However it comes down to all other uses such as pinpointing something on the large screen or on the blackboard.

  • Green Lasers

    Green laser pointer is now the world's most popular laser pointers, because the green lasers than red lasers 6 times more than red laser beam significantly, while the price is much cheaper than the blue and yellow. Green pen is the wavelength of light emitted 500-550nm, the wavelength sensitivity of the coefficient table, as is the closest one wavelength. Green Lasers is undoubtedly efficient light source, the eye more easily identified. The green light sensitivity of the human eye is higher than a lot of red; the other is green light scattering in the atmosphere more than red light.

  • Red Lasers

    Red laser pointer, wavelength 630-670nm green laser pointer is more for longer. The first red lasers was released in the early 1980s. Nowadays, the More durable transmitted red light air, dust, water vapor, so the light path can be seen to need more power. 100 mW red laser pointers probably only about 20 milliwatts, and green. Do remember that red lasers are powerful since the light they emit is powerful when it hits a certain object and converges into a point.

  • Burning Lasers

    Burning laser pointer are becoming more and more popular, from the original blue burning lasers, to the green burning lasers and red burning lasers. There are 146 more on our website at present. The shape has expanded from one to a variety of shapes, and the flashlight shape is the most. Recently, we have developed a number of Gatlin shapes Burning Laser, which feature good feels and textures. Find more high power burning laser pointer with cheap prices in Laserpointerpro.

  • High Power Lasers

    High power laser pointer have been favored in laser pointers market and are increasingly popular among laser pointers enthusiasts. Most of powerful laser pointers have the function of burning, so it is necessary to pay attention to safety during use. It is necessary to wear protective glasses, which can prevent the eyes from being affected by strong high powered laser, causing discomfort and injury. We develop more and more high power laser pointers for you.

  • Place to Note

    Now, more and more laser pointer and Laser flashlight sold in the market are class IIIB with a power over 5mW. But when the laser directly penetrates into the eyes, there may be some damage. Especially to some high power lasers, diffuse light probably damage the eyes, the focus are more likely to ignite flammable materials. Therefore laser pointers are not a toy, not suitable for children. When operating powerful laser pointer, wear special secure glasses would be safe, especially for the invisible lasers.

Astronomy Laser Pointer

Astronomy Laser Pointer
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Astronomy Laser Pointer can be used in such as astrophysical maser and atom lasers. A low-powered green astronomy laser pointer is used to easily point out stars and constellations.

Astronomy Lasers Reviews

50000mW Green Beam Light Separate Laser Pointer Pen Black

Date Added: 01/21/2023 by s***e

Gets too bright on white/brighter surfaces. Reflections even hurt the eyes haha

0889LGF 5000mW 532nm Green Beam Light Separate Crystal Laser Pointer Pen Kit Black

Date Added: 01/18/2023 by P***e

Use this for work. Has great distance and clarity.

1500mW Green Beam Light Separate Crystal Lotus-shaped Head Laser Pointer Pen Silver

Date Added: 01/12/2023 by C***A

My dog loves chasing this thing. It's so bright we can even use it during the day. Iave also used it as a flashlight before. All around great product. Charge doesn's last long but I use a portable battery with it if I need it. Oh! And the patterns are great. My baby loves looking at them on the ceiling

0889LGF 2000mW 532nm Green Beam Light Separate Crystal Laser Pointer Pen Kit Black

Date Added: 01/07/2023 by P***r

If you are going to use this for presentations I would suggest a weaker powered device. It is extremely bright and could damage a persons eyes or your pets if not careful. Keep away from children. It is very well made and seems like a good value for a high powered laser. I am a photographer and purchased it for presentations but will keep it for still life photography effects. It could also be a self defense weapon if necessary. So be warned.